Atlantis 15 kg 

Welcome to the New Whirlpool High-Efficiency Atlantis Top Load Laundry Line-up for 2018.  Bragging a 15 kg washing capacity with a 3.5 cubic foot basket, along with the most durable white porcelain tub, this all speaks durability.  With the latest High-Efficiency Triple Power Wash Agitator, 11 wash cycles, 4 water temperatures, 3 soil levels, this is no basic washing machine.

maytag ss commercial.jpg

Stainless Steel Commercial Tub

The Maytag 3LMVWC400YW is the latest of washing machines made for the 220-240 volt/ 50 hertz markets.  With the newest stainless steel tub, and the latest impeller technology, it washes a 15 kg load quickly, quietly and efficiently. With its newest HE rating, the Maytag washer is very conscious of water usage and boasts its energy efficiency at the top of its class.  To top it off, this Maytag Washer "Commercially rates", which means its the most durable for your washer needs. 

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